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Come spring, Lithuania hosts numerous festivals dedicated to blooming flowers and other plats -- from oaks and sakuras to Lithuanian orchids, daffodils, and tulips. What better way to greet the coming warm season than by surrounding yourself with exquisite beauty and fragrance!
It is often said that flowers make us better and happier people. Fragrant blossoms evoke positive emotions associated with the sun, and tempt us to get immersed in a pleasant respite from daily routine. Come summer, Lithuania’s colour palette changes dramatically, as flowers come into bloom, giving one and all the opportunity to take up the case of beauty, which is bound to save the world. To make things easier for you, Lithuania Travel has prepared a route across the country’s most flower-y locations, along with a comprehensive peak bloom calendar. Most of you have probably heard about sakura and lavender blossom festivals. But did you know that here you can also plunge head-first into the fateful beauty of Lithuanian orchids or luxuriate in the aroma of Japanese magnolias? Or, perhaps, you’d prefer to enjoy some positive vibes in a sunflower field, or regain your mental and spiritual balance among 8,000 blooming oaks? Visitors especially appreciate the Tulip Festival in Burbiškis Manor, which transforms local culture, traditions, modern entertainment, and blooming flowers into an integral whole. The Pakruojis Manor, known as Little Holland, for its part hosts the annual Spring Flower Festival, inviting guests to greet the warm season in a sea of flowers. The Manor’s florists, working closely with flower growers, decorate its territory with close to 5 million different blossoms, and the cheerful orchestral music played during the event turn it into a veritable flower symphony. Every spring, Druskininkai hosts the Daffodil Festival, attracting locals and visitors alike with more than 500,000 daffodils blooming in the city park in all their yellow-hued vibrancy and lushness. The festival is accompanied by a variety of other events and live music. Meanwhile, the Kairėnai Botanical Garden hosts the Picnic amid Lilacs. Visitors can enjoy one of the biggest collections of these flowers in the Baltics, and have a picnic while listening to live music, poetry readings, educational events, tastings, and surprises.

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