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Country of 4 seasons

Lithuania is a country with four very different and distinct seasons, with each unfolding their own particular pleasures. Winter offers picture perfect snowscapes, ski, skate and sledge opportunities a plenty, and quaint and cozy Christmas markets. And with the passing of winter, comes spring...

There’s the huge seasonal market that carpets the capital, a unique fish festival, and lots of outdoor fun. And talking of outdoor fun, with the long warm summer comes the chance to swim, to sail, and to kayak through Lithuania's many picturesque lakes and rivers. Then there is the magic of the Baltic Coast with its huge shifting dunes and unspoilt beaches. And you can’t have summer in Lithuania, without the pink soup. And then there’s autumn. Foraging for mushrooms in forests shimmering in yellow and gold with the falling leaves. Ancient festivals and customs, and the calm, mystical beauty of All Saints Day. And throughout the year, there’s thriving cities with unique architectural treasures, cosmopolitan bars and restaurants, and ample gourmet options to explore. What are you waiting for!