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Food & drink

Many travellers prefer to learn about their travel destinations through food. And indeed, it is one of the best ways to get into a foreign land's history, culture, and local customs.

For, after all, a country's traditional cuisine is a link between the past and the present new trends and deep-rooted heritage. It also gets entire families and groups of friends together – where else if not in the kitchen do old stories, traditions, and memories come to life again? Lithuania boasts a rich culinary heritage, century-old recipes, filling drinks, and natural products. For instance, a drop of locally-sourced honey contains both the warm taste of summer and the spirit of medicinal herbs, while a bite of black bread with nuts harbours the ancient essence and meaning of an entire country or region. Whether it's the addictive sweetness of apple "cheese" or the subtle sweetness of curd cheese, eaten with sun-ripened tomatoes and crunchy fresh salad – all of it speaks to our roots. Speaking of freshness, you must try šaltibarščiai – cold beet soup – whose pink hues and sweet'n'sour taste delights the eye and taste buds alike. And don't forget cepelinai – the filling comfort food enjoyed all across Lithuanian. Set out on a culinary journey that will awaken your inner gourmand and give you a sense of the archaic spirit of Lithuania!