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By the Baltic Sea

Stretching over 90 kilometers, the Lithuanian seaside has plenty to offer for those on vacation, or just a day trip.
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Pristine beaches, cool waves, spectacular sunsets (and sunrises), monumental dunes, rich and fragrant pine forests - the list goes on and on. With six distinct destinations to explore - Klaipėda, Kretinga, Neringa, Šilutė, Palanga, and the Klaipėda region, there really is something for everyone.  

From Klaipėda city’s historic and cozy old town, to Palanga’s buzzing beachfront nightlife. From Nida’s endless golden dunes and kilometers of bike trails that snake through forests and glide by unspoilt beaches to Šilutė and Kretinga’s historic treasures. You are never short of things to discover, both in and out of the summer season. You’ll also find that many of these locations also offer wellness retreats for those in search of some rest and rejuvenation. And, of course, there are lots of sports activities to enjoy and explore both on your own, or with your family - from hiking to cycling to wakeboarding, yachting, or even a bit of surfing. 
And all the destinations can be easily reached by car, RV, international coach, train, direct flight to Palanga Airport, or sea ferries calling at Klaipėda port.