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Lithuanians are big on Christmas, as evinced by the care they put into decorating their houses, trees, and city, town or village streets, and the multi-coloured light shows staged at their unveiling.
As in most European cities, the Christmas tree is the epicenter of the Christmas celebrations. The biggest and most internationally renowned tree is erected in Vilnius Cathedral Square, but you’ll find that every other city, town, and often village, will put a lot of love and pride into their tree. That’s why the switching on of the lights is normally accompanied by concerts and other celebrations. In fact, neighboring towns and cities can get quite competitive. But Christmas in Lithuania is not only about trees, a lot of attention is paid to the kilometers of lights that lend a festive cheer to main streets up and down the country. And what better way to see the sights than under the twinkling lights of a thousand colored bulbs.