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You’ve probably heard how crazy Lithuanians are when it comes to the iconic summer dish – the Instagrammable cold pink soup šaltibarščiai. Well, how crazy it is to have a festival dedicated to this delicious pink dish? Not as crazy as you might think!
The wellknown culinary website Taste Atlas has recently published its List of the World’s Most Famous Soups and, frankly, it’s no surprise that it features Lithuania’s much beloved šaltibarščiai, colloquially known as “pink soup” due to its signature colour. That being said, its placement at No. 48 is rather strange. Or, rather, suggestive or utter negligence and incompetence, for we all know that it should’ve taken the top spot. No contest. After all, šaltibarščiai is more than just a type of soup. It’s also an evocative symbol of the Lithuanian summer, an emotion, nay more – a veritable aesthetic principle (for where else in the world can you order a soup that’s… pink!?). Pink Soup Fest is an event dedicated to the celebration of šaltibarščiai and everything that it represents. People attend it expecting a full stomach, but typically leave with something more – a heart full of positive emotion. And that’s the magicalmystical power of šaltibarščiai for you! For this reason, pink soup has always been, and will remain No. 1!

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