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The Palanga International Airport makes the resort one of the few Lithuanian towns and cities able to receive tourists from abroad directly, especially from countries such as Poland, Norway, Denmark, and much of the rest of Europe.
With over 20 deep wells of mineral water located on their premises, Lithuanian SPAs and resorts are able to provide visitors with numerous unique health and wellness procedures year-round.

Potable mineral water contains a wide range of bio-active substances that help the body fight inflammation, regulate its metabolism, and reduce the over-secretion of acidic compounds. Mineral water sourced from local springs is also successfully used in treating or relieving digestive, spinal, and joint problems.

Furthermore, it can rebalance gastric motor activity, improve liver and kidney function, stimulate bile production, restore intestinal health, boost the immune system, and facilitate blood flow in people suffering from obesity and diabetes.

Since there are millions of tiny blood vessels and nerve endings right under our skin, the healing effects of mineral water baths are often felt almost immediately. For this reason, if you’re experiencing joint pain, difficulty bending your knees, flexing your ankles or similar issues – book a consultation today and we’ll send you on the path of recovery in no time!