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Winter in Lithuania

Winter in Lithuania is a season of joy, festivities and traditions. With the arrival of the first snow, Lithuanians settle in for a period that’s brimming with winter outdoor activities, festivities and traditional customs, and, of course, more than a little good cheer. For those with an...
active nature, there’s on and off piste ski-ing, ice skating, saunas and ice baths, and even taking a quick dip in a frozen lake. While for those that prefer to keep it cosy, there are seasonal markets and city’s who try to outdo each other with their twinkling Christmas lights and handsomely decorated trees. And although Christmas is the highlight of the winter calendar, there are other unique traditions and festivals that stretch into late winter up until the onset of spring. For instance, there is a pancake day that looks more like Halloween, with costumes, masks, bonfire - all the trimmings. But more of that later. The main message is that winter in Lithuania is a time when things happen, and not a time when they stop.