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Let's start up the engine of history on a journey through time! We invite you to sit in the historical "Delage" and prepare for a journey with the King of Nepal. Or join Mussolini's colleagues at the Italian Foreign Ministry and travel in Lancia Astura. And maybe you will stop at the Hispano Suiza model, among the owners of which are Coco Chanel, Paul McCartney, A. Einstein.

Not only engineering progress and the development of transport technologies are encoded in the Vilnius Auto Museum. Here, every exhibit is like a masterpiece.

We have prepared for you an exclusive collection of over a 100 different vehicles from the 19th century bicycles and carriages to cars that transported kings, popes, presidents, from the strangest post-war vehicles to the first Lithuanian racing cars.

A journey through time in our museum will always be new and unexpected, each time discovering interesting facts about the evolution of fashion, design, technology and society. Here, legendary vehicles reveal the secrets of different periods of time.

All our exhibits are authentic. In our restoration workshops, we have brought back to life not only carriages, cars, and motorcycles but also gave them the same historical appearance as originally designed. 90 percent of our exhibits are fully operational.

At our museum we welcome enthusiasts of meaningful leisure time, connoisseurs of aesthetics, passionate story hunters, city guests and tourists, families with little petrolheads or bored teenagers, tired office workers, dedicated car enthusiasts. We are looking forward for everyone!

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