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The unique Cosmology Museum near Molėtai showcases global perspectives on the universe, rooted in Baltic culture. Explore cosmological beliefs underground, while stargazing awaits in the observatory above.

Looking like a flying saucer that’s crash landed in the middle of the Lithuanian countryside near the picturesque town of Molėtai, this is a museum like no other. Looking at how cosmology is perceived across societies globally with Baltic culture as its obvious starting point, the museum approaches the stars from a  different angle. And this is also reflected in the building itself, which is arranged to reflect the Baltic cosmological concept of the world tree. This starts in the underground gallery (or roots of the tree), where the exhibits explore cosmological and ethnological beliefs. Meanwhile, on the top floor, or branches of the tree is the observatory. Here, both budding and seasoned stargazers can watch the stars, and in the months of August and September, catch a meteor shower. 

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