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With a heritage that stretches back to 1000 AD, Vilnius is a city rich in historical layers. There’s a UNESCO listed old town, baroque and gothic churches, cosy streets, plentiful green parks and spaces and a bustling riverside. A treasure chest of experiences to discover and explore.

The historic heart of the nation, Vilnius is a city steeped in cultural heritage. A walk around the historic centre will acquaint you with the city’s 

novel mix of Gothic, Renaissance, Classical, and most prominently Baroque style buildings. Of particular note are the churches of St Anne, St Michael, St Stephen, St Casimir, All Saints, and St Theresa. 

But the city is not only about architecture. Of particular importance to the identity of modern Vilnius is the Republic of Uzupis, a self proclaimed bohemian enclave on the banks of the river Vilnele that has its own (very tongue in cheek) constitution. 

This impish spirit also finds itself expressed in the many impressive works of outdoor art that adorn the walls of the central railway district. And all of this culture can be savoured from the comfort of one of the many cosmopolitan cates and coffee houses scattered throughout the city.

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