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Composed of the actual town of Kernavė, alongside a singular complex of imposing hill forts, unfortified settlements, burial sites, as well as further historical and cultural monuments, the Kernavė cultural reserve is a must visit.

Less than an hour’s drive from the capital Vilnius, the site is easily reachable and is set amidst lush green fields and forest. The series of hill forts that comprise the focal point of the reserve are especially striking, and provide some good small hikes, as well as commanding views of the surrounding countryside. These forts date back to the 13th century, when the town was an important feudal centre for craftsmen and merchants, both of whom required protection. 

To further explore the many artefacts that have been extracted from the cultural layers of the mounds and the surrounding landscape, as well as its burial sites, you can head to the reserve’s museum. Meanwhile, for those who fancy a journey through time, the reserve runs “Archaeology Live” days each July when old Kernavė comes to life with recreations of historical foods, games, and combat performances.

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