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Treetop Walking Path in Anykščiai Regional Park

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Ascend to the treetops in Anykščiai Regional Park via a 300-meter-long walkway rising 21 meters high. Enjoy stunning views and bird's-eye perspectives, culminating at a 36-meter observation tower.

Ever wonder what the world looks like from the treetops, well wonder no more. This 300-meter-long walkway located in the verdant forests of Anykščiai Regional Park gradually rise up to a height of 21 meters. So, it’s safe to say you need a head for heights. But braving the incline will be more than worth the while when you are rewarded with commanding views of the surrounding landscape. As the path winds through the treetops, the valley floor below deepens, and the sensation of being among the birds truly takes flight. This is the kind of thrill that inspires great poetry, and it might inspire the poet you too. And at the end of the trail, you’ll find the 36-meter observation tower that will really take you up into the heavens (and give you the perfect view of the towers of nearby St. Matthias Church).

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