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Lithuania is criss-crossed by more than 150 specially curated nature trails that take in some of the most perfect scenery the country has to offer. And in autumn – these trails become extra special!
As the spring progresses, and nature begins to awaken, people, long-starved of greenery and fresh air, head out to the country’s ancient forests that have numerous well-kept nature trails and no less than 30 observation towers. The abundance and variety of the trails will easily meet the needs and desires of even the pickiest traveller. If you want to get back into shape after months of deep winter slumber, an excellent choice would be the Seaside Regional Park trail, which is peppered with information stands telling visitors how many calories they’d burned during the hike up to that point. Are you iInterested in ethnography? Then you’ll enjoy the Šilėnai Nature Trail or the Sirvėta Educational-Mythological Trail. And if you want to take in a broad swathe of awakening nature in one go, why not climb up the famous Treetop Walking Path, the crescent-shaped Kirkilai Observation Tower, or the unique Zarasai Observation Wheel.

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