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The Aukštumala Trail, spanning 2.4 kilometers through a vast raised swamp, offers a mystical journey connecting visitors to Lithuania's pagan past. Ideal for birdwatchers, with informative displays along the route.

With its rare songbirds, exceptional flora, and unmistakeable atmosphere, the Aukštumala Trail provides you with a truly mystical experience. Via a 2.4 kilometer path that winds it way across an expansive raised swamp, visitors are able to connect to the country’s rich pagan past. Here, you can feel lifted from the present day and transported back to earlier aeons. And for birdwatchers, the site offers the added prize of access to a large and constantly shifting array of species. You’ll also find information displays along the route that’ll tell you about the history and geography of the swamp, as well as its flora and fauna. The whole trail takes about 30 minutes to complete and dogs are permitted as well, as long as they are kept on the leash.

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