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One of the most direct ways to experience a country is through its food, for any given country’s cuisine is precisely that, which connects the present with the past, and helps create community.

A country’s cuisine is where culture and tradition truly come to life. In Lithuania, this is definitely true. Here, local honey is both the sweet warm taste of summer lingering on the tongue and the fruits of a legacy that’s been millennia in the making. There’s the rich nutty bite of black bread, a staple that’s become part of the national DNA. The deep, syrupy explosion of zestiness that’s apple cheese. Or the crumbly, delicate freshness of curd cheese, enjoyed with sun-ripened tomatoes and crisp salad leaves or freshly picked cucumber. And speaking of fresh, it would be criminal not to mention Šaltibarščiai, whose shocking pink color and bold mix of salty, sweet and sour flavors is a feast both for your eyes and your taste buds. And, at the other end of the spectrum, there’s the hearty national dish, cepelinai. Embark on a journey of taste and tradition that will bring out the gourmet and the Lithuanian in you!