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National cuisine

The destination of a trip is often – food. An evening in Georgia is unthinkable without a glass of local wine, Italy is famous for its unbeatable pizza, Spain beckons with paella, and a visit to Belgium that doesn’t include tasting the world's most delicious chocolate would be inexcusable.

What Lithuanian flavours are a must for foreign visitors? With the help of experts and more than 10,000 Lithuanians who voted for the Lithuanian dishes that deserve to be on the national menu, we've put together a 3-day travel menu. The 15 most voted on dishes will become part of Lithuania's gastronomic narrative for experience-seekers and will end up on the plates of many Lithuanian restaurants. Restaurants that can offer one or all of the 3-day menus will be labelled with a national menu sticker, so that fans of Lithuanian cuisine and gastronomic tourists from abroad can easily find a place to enjoy the dishes chosen by the voters.