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Cycling trips

Challenge yourself – explore Lithuania by bike! Being the geographical centre of Europe, it’s easy to reach from nearly anywhere on the continent. And once here, you’ll soon discover that Lithuania is one of Northern Europe’s undiscovered gems. Experience its rich scenery, pristine nature,...
relatively flat landscape, short distances, compactness, and opportunities for adventure: stop off for a swim, visit a wake park, take a city tour, hop on a boat trip or ferry crossing – the list goes on and on. No less importantly, some of our cycling routes are part of the EuroVelo 10 and EuroVelo 13 networks, connecting the European continent and serving as a launch pad for international travel and exploration. If you prefer to travel with company, Lithuania also has multiple cycling tour and bike rental companies offering everything from round trips around Vilnius and other cities to mountain bike outings and tours dedicated to any number of different topics, such as the country’s Soviet past, religious traditions, city squares, and much more. So pick a route that most inspires a sense of wonder in you and set off on an adventure of a lifetime in the beautiful Lithuania!