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Even though Lithuania isn’t exactly known for snow-peaked mountaintops, come winter – and it becomes an excellent place for skiing amateurs and professionals alike. For instance, Liepkalnis – the biggest skiing centre in the Baltics – offers 9 slopes and 10 lifts, while the famed Snow Arena,...
located in Druskininkai, is considered to be the region’s sole winter sports complex open year-round. Another great opportunity to enjoy Lithuania’s wintry landscape and to get some exercise in deep white snow is offered by Kalita Hill in the region of Samogitia, as well as by the Plungė skiing resort Mortos Kalns. Just as important to winter sports enthusiasts is the town of Ignalina, known for its long-standing cross-country skiing traditions. Ignalina is home to the Lithuanian Winter Sports Centre where, on any given day, you may run into some of the country’s best skiers and snowboarding pros. If you don’t feel ready for a longer trip just yet or would prefer to head for the hills in cheerful company – why not join the Lithuanian cross-country skiing group on Facebook! With over 5,000 like-minded souls already on board, planning an unforgettable weekend – or simply finding someone to enjoy a nifty slope in your neighbourhood with – will be a total breeze.