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Challenge yourself – explore Lithuania by bike! Lithuania is the geographical center of Europe, so it is very easy to reach. But once you are here, you’ll discover that the country is one of Northern Europe’s undiscovered gems.

Experience its:

  • Rich scenery: from sand dunes and lakes to baroque Old Towns;
  • Unspoiled nature: plenty of national and regional parks and low population density;
  • Flat landscape, short distances and compactness: perfect for beginners and families;
  • Opportunities for adventure: stop off for a swim, visit a wake park, take a city tour, hop on a boat trip or ferry crossing, the list goes on and on.


1 route / Vilnius: Old and Modern

DURATION: one-day trip


ROAD SURFACE: Bicycle path 90%, street 10%

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. Vilnius is a city that arose among green hills during the Middle Ages, and still preserves its Baroque spirit. Vilnius boasts one of the largest Old Towns in Eastern Europe. The city’s mysterious aura enchants all in search of adventures and new experiences.

2 route / Kaunas Facades and Steeples

DURATION: one-day trip


ROAD SURFACE: Bicycle path 70%, street 30%

Young but ambitious, modern but mindful of its past. Such is the city of Kaunas, located at the confluence of the Nemunas and the Neris Rivers. Kaunas is a city of Modernism - the city is famous for its Interwar architecture which was awarded the European Heritage label and is on its way to UNESCO. A city inviting the visitor to a trip full of discovery and history, both day and night.

3 route / Trakai Castle From All Sides

DURATION: one-day trip


ROAD SURFACE: Bicycle path 35%, street 30%, gravel 35%

Trakai Island Castle was the seat of power of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Decorated with yachts crisscros- sing the surrounding lakes and scented with aromatic Karaite rolls, the town of Trakai promises travelers a variety of unexpected tastes, intriguing tales, and beautiful views. Travel, taste and enjoy! And if that isn‘t enough, take a boat out onto Lake Galvė and see the Island Castle from the water.

4 route / The Legend of Lake Plateliai

DURATION: one-day trip


ROAD SURFACE: Bicycle path, forest path 70%, roads 30%

You can‘t really say you know Lithuania if you haven‘t seen Lake Plateliai, the largest and most beautiful of the Samogitia region‘s lakes. Listen to too many of the local legends and you‘ll start hearing the muffled ringing of bells from beneath the lake as you ride along the lakeshore. Shades of blue from sky and water, islands, peninsulas and coves, clean water, beautiful shorelines, scenic viewpoints, convenient paths, comfortable lodging, and sights along the way make sure that there is a lot to take in.

5 route / Sinkholes of Biržai

DURATION: one-day trip


ROAD SURFACE: Road 70%, street 30%

“Aren‘t you afraid of being swallowed up by the Earth?” Lithuanians ask each other this question when setting off for the Biržai area, famous for its sinkholes, all 9,000 of them. But this city in northern Lithuania is also known for its footbridge across a lake, the longest such bridge in Lithuania, as well as its wonderful white castle, moon-shaped observation tower and the many brewers carrying on the centuries-old traditions of brewing. Because the distances between sites are considerable, it is best to see Biržai by bicycle.


6 route / In the forests around Anykščiai

DURATION: 2-day trip


ROAD SURFACE: Bicycle path 70%, street 30%

We ourselves aren‘t entirely sure how many surprises Anykščiai offers us. The longest river that flows entirely within Lithuania goes through it. The steeples of the tallest church in Lithuania reach for the sky. The city invites visitors to ride the 19th century narrow-gauge railway and walk amidst the treetops. Scented with forest and herbs, caressed by muses and children, it‘s known for its culture, literature, family activities and recreation. That‘s why you should go slowly along the bicycle paths, enjoying what all of your senses are taking in. And if you want to try out all the available recreation, two days may not be enough!

7 route / Ethnographic Villages of Dzūkija

DURATION: 2-day trip


ROAD SURFACE: Gravel and forest path 65%, roads 35%

If you want to travel back in time, find the little village of Marcinkonys, lost deep in the forests of Dzūkija. The villagers living in Dzūkija National Park are a unique phenomenon, with much to say about life in the forest, inviting visitors to enjoy the scents of the meadows and to taste the treasures growing just off the road.

8 route / From Alytus to Varėna - along the old railway

DURATION: 2-day trip


ROAD SURFACE: Bike path 10% gravel, forest path 90%

Have you ever ridden a bicycle along a railway line? No, you won‘t have to ride on the rails themselves, but you can feel the spirit of the late 19th century. To speed up military logistics, a branch of the Saint Petersburg-Warsaw Railway was built in 1895. In 1899 the railway bridge across the Nemunas River was completed. During the First World War, the retreating Russian army demolished the bridge. Wi- thout it the railway branch to Varėna withered away and was eventually dismantled. Today, a bicycle path follows the old railway embankment. It’s not so simple to cycle the path, but it makes for quite an adventure!

9 route / Among Aukštaitija National Park Lakes and Watermills

DURATION: 2-day trip


ROAD SURFACE: Road 65%, gravel 35%

Aukštaitija National Park, the largest park in Lithuania, with its sky-blue lakes, rolling forests, hillforts, manors, water mills and churches, offers visitors a multitude of recreational opportunities. You won‘t rush past this place—the lakeshore docks tempt you out for a swim or a boat ride, local restaurants invite you in for some fresh fish, and the forest campsites entice you to spend a night under the stars.


10 route / Feel the Baltic breeze on your back

DURATION: 3-day trip

DISTANCE: 110 km

ROAD SURFACE: Bicycle path 80%, gravel 20%

Fragrant pine forests, stylishly decorated resort towns, buildings that have witnessed historic events, sculpture parks, villas from a bygone time, white wind-blown sand dunes, breathtaking views, and the Baltic breeze at your back. There‘s a reason that the Baltic seaside has always attracted artists, writers and romantics in search of inspiration and answers to the most important questions in life. And today, bicyclists as well, for whom the seaside bicycle path has been built through the Seaside Regional Park and Curonian Spit National Park. During the summer, and especially on weekends, bike traffic on this path can be quite intense. Consider riding this trail early in the morning or on a weekday.

11 route / Along the Curonian Lagoon, Beauty of the West

DURATION: 3-day trip


ROAD SURFACE: Bicycle path 80%, gravel 20%

Lithuania Minor boasts an entirely different landsape. It retains traces of Prussian culture, as well as old fishing traditions. It features some of Lithuania’s most beautiful locations, including the Nemunas River delta with its islands. The ancient town of Rusnė, Minija village, with a river as its main street, the bird and fish kingdom that is Kintai, Ventė Cape with the great migratory bird flyway that passes directly overhead, the lighthouses at Uostadvaris, and Ventė Cape standing sentinel over the shores of Nemunas Delta Regional Park are all remarkable. It is best to plan a trip to the area in summer; otherwise, you can expect floods in spring and strong winds in autumn.

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