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I-VII: 10:00-18:00
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Japanese Garden

Japanese garden
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Forget all your worries and immerse yourself in the peace of the Japanese garden in Darbėnai. This is the largest Japanese garden in Europe. The garden features an impressive collection of bonsai trees, a rock garden with sakura trees and ponds, and round off your leisurely stroll with a cup of ceremonial matcha tea.
Leave all worries behind and enter the tranquil Japanese Garden of Darbėnai. As the largest Japanese garden in Europe, covering an area of 16 hectares, it takes a good couple of hours to fully explore. Admire neatly trimmed bonsai trees and stroll through the serene stone garden, dotted with cherry trees and peaceful ponds. The best time to visit is in May, when the blossoming pink sakuras transform the garden into a picturesque spectacle. Complete your meditative experience with a cup of ceremonial Japanese Matcha green tea. If you don’t feel like leaving, a tatami bed in one of the stylish villas awaits you.

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