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Observation towers

In the valleys and national parks, in the meadows and amidst lush forests they stand tall… We’re not talking of mythical giants, but of observation towers in Lithuania! Scattered across the country and usually erected in the most spectacular spots, they not only provide breathtaking views but...
are also worth marvelling at themselves. Each tower is uniquely designed to complement its surroundings, like the Nida Highlight Tower, a 10-meter structure without stairs, where you climb ladders to witness the magnificent Nida sunset. Or the Kirkilai Observation Tower that looks like a canoe, floating in the surrounding Kirkilai lake. After all, observation towers in Lithuania are not mere viewing platforms; they are architectural marvels, blending with the landscape and often resembling natural elements like wind swirls or twisted reed stems. Observation towers in Lithuania provide an opportunity to connect with nature, offering a serene space to reflect and appreciate the intricate details of the environment. They are accessible to tourists and locals alike, free of charge, and are perfect for bird-watching, photography, or simply enjoying a peaceful moment. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a photographer, or someone looking to explore Lithuania's hidden gems, these observation towers are gateways to discovering the country's rich natural heritage. Collect as many as you can on your next trip!