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Bird watching

Nestled along the Eastern Baltic Flyway, Lithuania is a haven for birdwatchers, especially during the bustling migratory seasons of spring and autumn. This vibrant country, blessed with a mild climate and diverse landscapes, has all the ingredients needed to attract a diverse range of species,...
some of which rank high on the bucket lists of all eager birders. From the Aquatic Warbler and Great Snipe to the Greater-spotted Eagle and Bewick's Swan, to multiple species of geese, most of Europe's woodpeckers, and various species of scoters - everything you need to make it a birdwatcher’s dream destination. Lithuania's array of habitats includes bogs, taiga forests, and two of the Baltics' most breathtaking landscapes – the Nemunas delta and the sand-dune-strewn Curonian Spit. Guided by experts from Birding Lithuania Tours, you'll discover the best of what Lithuanian nature has to offer. Whether a seasoned birder or new to the pastime, you can traverse the country in a day, experiencing something new at every turn. So why not spread your wings and plan your next birdwatching adventure in Northern Europe's best-kept secret?