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Kintai, a charming fishing town on the Curonian Lagoon, is celebrated for its traditional arts, especially renowned for topquality smoked fish. The cultural influence is palpable, with Vydūnas' legacy preserved in a museum.
The quaint little fishing town of Kintai sits on the shores of the Curonian Lagoon, and has long been associated with traditional arts, crafts, and food preparation. In particular, the town is famous for its smoked fish, some of the best in the country, although its neighbours in the town of Rusnė might have something to say about that. Kintai might be small but its shadow looms large culturally, as it was here that Vydūnas, one of the country’s most famous writers and philosophers (and an early proponent of vegetarianism), taught in the early 20th century. These days, you’ll find the town is home to a small museum in his name, which is dedicated to the local culture and history. And on the subject of the arts, Kintai also boasts a gallery of enamelling, where a global symposium is held each year. But if culture is not your thing, you’ll find that Kintai Beach, with its warm and shallow waters, is perfect for families. And no trip to the area would be complete without a trip to the nearby village of Minija (Mingė), which is known as the Venice of Lithuania. Here, instead of a main street, there is a river, and neighbours on each side row across to see each other.

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