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How best to describe the distinctive vibe of the cozy and colorful port city of Klaipėda in three words? “Chilled”, “cultured”, and “creative” would be a good start. Arguably the most historically rich city in Lithuania, its atmosphere is still heavily permeated with the traces of its past as...
the northernmost port of the Prussian empire. With its Fachtwerk style houses and cobbled streets, it has a totally different profile than other Lithuanian cities. And this unique flavor stretches to the culture. Less restless, more restful, but still with a touch of the rebellious about it. Klaipeda is great for a night out or a gourmet treat (it boasts one the country’s best restaurants,“Momo Grill”), or just a romantic stroll along the newly renovated promenade. And then there’s the undisputable charm and fun of the trail of small sculptures that you can follow, discovering everything from erotically charged mermaids to cute little wish bestowing mice, and even a creepy phantom! Klaipeda is waiting! The perfect getaway: take a plane to the Palanga or Kaunas Airport and get to Klaipėda by car or bus. Anxious fliers also have the option to take a ferry or international bus/train. Once in Klaipėda, settle down in a beautiful Fachtwerkhäusen-style hotel, put on a pair of comfy shoes, and start exploring the city – whether on foot or by car/bicycle. Here’s a potted scenario to give you some idea – first, you visit Klaipėda’s historical and cultural landmarks; then make a wish in front of an enchanted sculpture – one of many that are scattered around the city – then explore the North Breakwater; and, finally, spend the evening at a seaside restaurant, enjoying a delicious meal and taking in the mesmerizing view.