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If you've got a heart that's open to new experiences, and a thirst for artistic adventure, Kaunas is for you. In the words of its enthusiastic citizens, the city rewards with uniquely kaunastic discoveries around each corner. And what does kaunastic mean? It denotes those...
sights and experiences that are idiosyncratically Kaunas. From the city's unique take on Art Deco to the dynamic and vibrant street art that adorns many of the city's walls, Kaunas is a city for the creatively curious. Your perfect escape plan. First, take a flight to Kaunas Airport or arrive by bus or even by train, then jump in a taxi. In under an hour, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the city. Once there, you can settle yourself into some proper Bauhaus surroundings and soak in the style. Pick up a coffee from one of the city’s many boho roasters, and head up to the Aleksotas observation deck to take in a panorama of the city. Once you’ve got an idea of how the city looks, it’s time to take it on a date. From the beautiful and serene surroundings of Pažaislis Monastery, you can head to Kaunas Castle. From there, you can enter the mystical world of Lithuania’s most famous painter M.K. Čiurlionis at the Museum of Fine Arts. And what better way to end your explorations than with a spine-tingling visit to the only Devils’ Museum in the world. With a busy day behind you, you can spend the evening enjoying the bustling atmosphere of Laisvės Boulevard, the city's main thoroughfare. And did we mention that Kaunas is home to some truly unique examples of high Modernism?