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Vegetarian and vegan food

Lithuania is a vegan-friendly destination, offering plenty of meat-free and plant-based dining options to choose from. While traditional Lithuanian cuisine is heavy on meat and dairy, vegetarian and vegan food have grown very popular here over the last few years, with many local restaurants...
earning the Čia Gali badge – a mark of an eatery serving plant-based dishes. In Lithuania, you can try vegan versions of traditional foods, such as šaltibarščiai, and all sorts of international dishes, from vegan pizza to vegan sushi. Don’t want to scan the menu for vegan options? There are many spots dedicated solely to plant-based food.

Top vegan and vegetarian spots in Lithuania

Rosehip Vegan Bistro, Vilnius

An exclusively vegan establishment, Rosehip offers great lunch deals, Sunday brunch, and an all-day menu of soups, burgers, jacked potatoes, buddha bowls and other finger-licking plant-based dishes. The stylish decor of electric pinks and instagrammable neon signs adds to the cool atmosphere. There’s also a great selection of local craft beers.

Kiras Cafe & Vegan Bakery, Vilnius, Kaunas

A quirky cafe selling a range of fully vegan desserts, Kiras is a great place to have a slice of dreamy cake in a charming interior full of retro trinkets. The long drinks menu features a wide assortment of teas, coffee from the excellent Crooked Nose roasters, and a variety of plant-based milk.

Radharanė, Vilnius, Kaunas

Lithuania’s first vegetarian restaurant, Radharanė serves ayurvedic dishes in three locations in Vilnius and Kaunas. The extensive menu is filled with stews, salads, samosas, pakoras, bakes and more.

Žalia Pupa, Kaunas

A great place for a veg lunch in Kaunas, Žalia Pupa offers a daily menu of vegetarian and vegan dishes. There’s not a lot of space inside, so if you don’t want to queue, consider getting your meal to go and having lunch in the park by the nearby Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Natural Market, Klaipėda

Vegan-friendly Natural Market call themselves a “healthy fast food restaurant”. Specializing in superfoods, this eatery serves gluten and sugar-free dishes made of fresh veggies and fruit. As the name indicates, the cafe is located in an eco-friendly shop, so you can grab a smoothie while shopping a selection of natural foods.

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