D. Nikitenko

Amber Road at the Lithuanian seaside

Take off on an almost 100 km journey along the coast of the Baltic Sea, where a gemstone of exceptionally high value can be found. Start amber road by getting acquainted with a collection of amber pieces created by Lithuanian artists in the resort town of Nida (Mizgiris Amber Gallery-Museum). On the way, stop at Amber Bay in Juodkrantė, where an impressive treasure of amber was discovered in the 19th century that is the largest archaeological find of its type in the world. Once you get to Klaipėda, visit the History Museum of Lithuania Minor or the AmberQueen Amber Museum, and if you want to buy some amber jewellery, stop by the amber shops located in the Old Town.

Be sure to try to find some “Lithuanian gold” yourself – these days, the Baltic Sea gives up the most amber in Karklė. Find out everything about amber – from its origin and processing to its uses and medical treatment properties – at the magnificent Tyszkiewicz Palace. The Amber Museum that is located in the palace has a large exhibition of amber inclusions – insects, wood fragments and spores that have been “trapped” in amber for eternity.

There is a workshop in Palanga where you can see the entire process of how amber makes its way to your hands. And if you decide to pamper yourself at a spa centre, be sure to test the beauty and wellness power of amber yourself. For example, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the first natural amber sauna in the world (Atostogų Parkas Recreation and Wellness Complex).