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When exploring the Lithuanian seaside, don’t forget to engage all of your senses! Taste the heartiest Samogitian meals, ride the ways on a surfboard and get crafty while making traditional Baltic jewellery. And all that in one day! No matter what your interests might be, we’ve got some ideas for an itinerary full of unforgettable experiences.

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Explore the talking sculptures of Klaipėda

M. Mažvydo al. 10, Klaipėda 92136

A dragon, a fisherman, a mermaid, a wish-granting tiny mouse and the cat with the face of a gentleman – these are just some of the dozens of sculptures that make Klaipėda so charming. Each of them tells a unique story. To hear the legend behind the story, stand by the sculpture and scan the QR code located next to it.


Level up your surfing game

Vėtros g. next to Melnragė beach

No one is born a great surfer, and Klaipėda’s beaches provide the perfect opportunity to get better at this popular sport. Melnragė beach, where most of the action is happening, is easily accessible by public transport or on foot from downtown Klaipėda. This beach hosts not one, but two surfing schools and a rental shop. The waves might not be several storeys high, but they're tall enough for those who want to learn some new tricks.


Get to know Baltic jewellery

Šaltkalvių g. 2, Klaipėda 91246

The Blacksmithing Museum runs workshops that reveal ancient jewellery techniques, showcase the variety of Baltic jewellery, ornaments and their meanings. You’ll also get to make your piece of brass jewellery the same way the ancient Curonian tribe did. Pre-booking is required, and the sessions are currently only conducted in Lithuanian, so having a guide by your side will definitely help.


Take a canoe trip through the night

Danės upė, Klaipėda

The Curonian Spit is marvellous on its own, and canoeing along its shores reveals even more of its beauty. At the beginning of the tour, a scenic ferry ride across the Curonian Lagoon awaits. You’ll then learn the basics of canoeing at Pervalka Bay, and then paddle to the spectacular Pervalka Lighthouse. You’ll also get to visit a heron and cormorant colony and the old fishing town of Juodkrantė.


Taste Klaipėda

Turgaus g. 7, Klaipėda 91247

Hungry for new experiences and flavours? Then this tour revealing the essence of Klaipėda as a port town is definitely the one for you. This tour reveals the essence of Klaipėda as a port town. You’ll discover different references to the sea scattered across the city, and taste the many treats connected to its rich history. At the end of the tour, you’ll even get to try a special drink favoured by seamen.