Marius Morkūnas

Off season fun

There’s more to the seaside than sunbathing and swimming! You’ll find many opportunities to discover the history of the region and its contemporary culture, no matter the weather. Besides, when it’s a bit cooler, there’s nothing like a leisurely bicycle ride or a hike through the region’s pine forests. And what about trying land sailing, mushroom picking or solving a mystery with your travel buddies? Find out what Western Lithuania has in stock all year round!

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Orienteering sports track in Smiltynė

Smiltynės g. 11, Smiltynė

The orienteering sports track in Smiltynė is a great way to spend your free time on the move, while exploring Klaipėda. If you like to stay active, don’t miss your chance to enjoy the beautiful coastal landscape of Smiltynė.


Arts Yard

Daržų g. 10 / Vežėjų g. 4

The Arts Yard is a complex of German Fachwerk-style buildings (mostly decommissioned warehouses) that are currently home to a number of cultural establishments where you can take part in different workshops, learn about traditional crafts, and enjoy the unique timber-framed architecture.


The Detectives of Klaipėda game

Didžioji Vandens g. 2

The Detectives of Klaipėda is an educational game that you can either play on your own or gift to a friend and become a mighty duo of detectives trying to solve an exciting case. The game was jointly created by famous city historians and the active people of Klaipėda. The Detectives of Klaipėda features six maritime heritage objects and fragments of an old map, as well as a handful of facts, phrases, hints, and puzzles that will help you sniff out their locations.


An educational tour of the Dolphinarium

Smiltynės g. 3

The Lithuanian Sea Museum and Dolphinarium now offers a peek behind the scenes in the form of an educational tour. During the tour, you’ll be accompanied by a pod of playful, friendly dolphins. Given their permission, you might even get a chance to meet their trainers. It’s all love here. For animals. For people. And for the oceans.