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Feel the urban rhythm of Klaipėda by discovering everybody’s favourite hang-out spots. Catch an orchestra performance in the park. Discover the best beaches in Nida and Palanga and an off-the-map place serving the best smoked fish in Lithuania. Follow the locals’ wisdom and advice for the most authentic vacation ever!

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Melnragės Park

Melnragė, Klaipėda

Melnragė Park attracts crowds of locals who gather here to enjoy the murmuring sea, regardless of the season. The reason behind its popularity is probably a combination of it being built only recently and the large variety of available activities for both children and adults. There are many fun playgrounds, comfy lounge chairs, picnic tables, and information panels containing descriptions of seaside flora and fauna.


Breakwater (Molas)

Vėtros g. 9, Klaipėda

The stone breakwater has a lot more to offer than its name would suggest: a footpath leading up to and along the breakwater itself, a beautiful sandy beach, and two popular cafes (reserve a table in advance!) – Ateik Ateik (Come on Over) and Baltas Ruonis (White Seal). The breakwater is also an excellent spot to watch the sunset.


Senamiestis Bar

Kepėjų g. 13, Klaipėda

This is the one and only bar in Klaipėda’s Old Town that serves a unique snack called Old Town Fingers (like Mozzarella Sticks but better). If you’re interested in exploring the Old Town in all its guises, make sure to visit Senamiestis Bar – rest assured, its friendly staff won’t leave you disappointed!


Defensive Mounds and Jonas Hill Island

Grįžgatvio g. 4, Klaipėda 91286

The mound and the surrounding defensive moats date back to the 18th century. Klaipėda was encircled with similar structures meant to protect the castle, the city itself, and its people. As the city expanded over time, the defensive structures lost their original significance, some of them were eventually levelled. Now it serves as a curious spot where you can sit down, relax, and try to imagine how the city looked like in the past.


Footpaths – from the summer stage to Giruliai, and from Melnragė to Giruliai

Giruliai – Melnragė, Klaipėda

If you’ve already ticked off a walk along the seashore, why not join the locals in the Giruliai Forest? The main footpath here is especially popular with cyclists, roller-bladers, joggers, general fitness enthusiasts, and people who simply want to have an extended conversation with a friend. The paved road should take you to Giruliai in about half an hour.