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Žuvintas is much more than just a lake. It’s a place where human activity takes a backseat, for this corner of the world belongs almost exclusively to birds. Dozens of bird species live and hatch in Žuvintas, while our role here is reduced to marvelling at the sights. And this marvelling became easier in 2011, when Žuvintas became part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Some natural environments are characterised by such uniqueness and diversity that one can’t help but be gobsmacked by the sight of it. This also perfectly describes Žuvintas –  among the richest locations in Lithuania in terms of natural wonders. Hundreds of rare and endangered species of plants and animals crowd within a small plot of land. The landscape itself appears, in a sense, frozen in history, taking us back thousands of years into the past.

Without a doubt, this tiny corner of the world belongs to our feathered friends. Their variety here is simply astounding. In Žuvintas, you can regularly spot over 200 different species of bird, roughly 150 of which also hatch here. During the warm season, Žuvintas becomes a veritable bird metropolis, characterised by exceptionally intense life, full of movement, passion, drama, and revelry.

In Žuvintas, humans have always been guests, more than masters. This fact is yet another thing making this place special. Human activity here is different – more laid back, attentive, and sustainable. Žuvintas is a great example of how to live in nature peacefully – admiring it, rather than attempting to subject it to our will.