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Nestled by Lake Lūšiai in the highland region, this village offers a small marina for canoe, boat, and kayak rentals. The lake is a hub for windsurfing, paddleboarding, and fishing, with winter ice fishing as a highlight.
Nestled by the banks of Lake Lūšiai in the country’s picturesque highland region, this small village has much to offer. First of all, you’ll find a small marina that offers canoes, small boats and kayaks for rental, allowing you to explore the lake and the many smaller tributaries it is connected to. The lake itself is a real draw for windsurfers and paddle boarders, as well as those looking to take smaller yachts out for a quiet afternoon. And, with water, there’s also other activities to explore. Fishing is the obvious one, and in winter, the lake is perfect for ice fishing. And it’s also great for a dip (just maybe not in winter). Meanwhile, crossing the road from the lake and further up the hill, you’ll find Palūšė Church. This unique structure is one of the oldest wooden churches in the country, and a lovely spot to look over the lake. And for those willing to explore the surroundings a little further, a halfhour drive will take you to Ginučiai Water Mill, a fully operational 19th century water mill, while also in the environs you’ll find Stripeikiai Ancient Beekeeping Museum, which offers a unique perspective on one of Lithuania’s most ancient and venerable traditions – beekeeping.