Apvalaus stalo klubas

Apvalaus stalo klubas


Apvalaus Stalo Klubas has developed its own personal contemporary Lithuanian gastronomic identity over the last 25 years. In the restaurant, nature meets history to create a truly memorable gourmet experience. That is why the restaurant has become a hub for truly special occasions such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and business events. And it’s also not surprising that Apvalaus Stalo Klubas has received high rankings from Gero Maisto Akademija members for three years in a row, with the restaurant topping the Top 10 list this year.


Nestled in the heart of Trakai on the shore of Galvė Lake, where the picturesque Trakų Castle can be seen through its windows, Apvalaus Stalo Klubas has a truly unique and special location. Locals and tourists alike are drawn to the restaurant to experience its magical serenity, and shelter in the comfort of its surrounding nature. And, of course, we must not forget its culinary wonders.


The local team works in concert with a handpicked group of internationally acclaimed chef-mentors. The current Apvalaus Stalo Klubas menu creators are Chef Pasquale Palamaro, who worked at the Michelin star ranked Indaco, on the island of Ischia in Italy, Artūras Naujokas and his mentor Mickey Bhoite. Meanwhile, the creations of pastry chef Nell Iervolino are the real crowning glories of the restaurants al la carte dessert menu.

“By inviting mentors, our goal is to foster culinary competence and develop our team, in addition to spreading a culture of hospitality beyond the confines of the restaurant,” says restaurant owner Rasa Šnaiderienė.

At the heart of the restaurant’s mission is a desire to present an authentic Lithuanian cuisine which is both modern and traditionally Lithuanian. Various technologies are used in food production: from the traditional to the modern. Local products dominate according to season and are supplemented with the harvest from the owner’s garden.


Venison tenderloin – with sweet potato puree, venison cepelinai, Amarena cherries and raspberry dust.

Kobe – with goose liver, creamed carrot with Martini, ginger and marinated seaweed.

Baked Lithuanian cheese with caraway seeds, pumpkin and potato gratin, saffron, marinated apples, lightly salted pickles, candied fennel, pine nuts and carrot puree.

Sweet current: White chocolate, dark chocolate and mango pebbles, mango shells and peanut corals, peanut chalva sand with a chocolate caramel sauce.

Lemon: White chocolate, pear and lemon cream, lemon merengue dust, liquorice and saffron sauce, sugar-crystal crisp.


Chef Artūras Naujokas of Apvalaus Stalo Klubas first entered the kitchen as Mickey Bhoite‘’s right hand. Over the last few years at the restaurant, with help from the experience of his mentors, the Italian Pasquale Palamaro and Latvian Juris Dukalskis, he has developed his own signature style, one which has kept the restaurant at a solid position in the country’s top 30.


When you arrive at Apvalaus stalo klubą, you feel as if you were blown away from the everyday reality. First of all, you will be mesmerized by the magnificent views of Trakai Castle from the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is also extraordinary: the combination of tradition and elegance. No one can stay indifferent to the plates used in the restaurant which were brought by the representatives of the restaurant from Pordamsa factory in Spain, and it is safe to say that a number of well-known world chefs were inspired by this porcelain.