In 2016, Deivydas debuted in the Top 30 Best Restaurants with his most ambitious project to date – Dublis. Last year, Deivydas Praspaliauskas parted ways with his investors, and returned to the Top 30 with his latest restaurant – Amandus. With him on board the restaurant has this year cemented its position in 7th place.


For those seeking a culinary experience, Amandus, located in the unique Artagonist boutique hotel is definitely worth visiting. Deivydas’ real forte are the degustation dinners he prepares that place a real emphasis on his impressive presentation skills, and he has no plans to change this.

What’s more, he continues to be guided by the Scandinavian school of cooking, not only in his ongoing quest for new tastes, but also in how he organises his restaurant. He sees the importance of not wasting food for the sake of form and uses 100 percent of every product. He also values equality when it comes to his team, which is why his Amandus staff is equally balanced.

The team’s most recent addition is a dietician. Deivydas explains the reasoning: “I feel a great responsibility when presenting food to my guests and feel that the food I prepare needs to be not only tasty, but also nutritionally balanced.”


Amandus serves a degustation dinner menu consisting of 10 courses (6 Chef’s choices, 3 entrees and dessert). This is offered from Tuesday-Saturday at 19:00. At the end of this dining experience, guests receive a small gift from the chef.

There are about 12 different degustation menus available throughout the year, which change on the first Tuesday of every month. Menu changes are largely dependent on the seasonal availability of the produce. One of the chef’s cardinal rules is that no product is duplicated across the menu, but when it comes to everything else – improvisation at the highest level is key. Deivydas’ degustation dinners last approx. 3 hours. Price per person – 55 Eur.


Dessert Hedgehog in the Fog.


Deivydas Praspaliauskas is one of Lithuania’s best known chefs. Seven years ago, he and his partner opened the doors of Lauro Lapas in Vilnius. That restaurant still exists, but with a new concept, and without Deivydas.

Deivydas next venture was 1 Dublis on Šopeno st. The restaurant was open in the evenings and only offered a degustation menu. Dublis then went on to open on Trakų Street in Vilnius, where it enjoyed much success.

Currently, Deivydas is the sole owner of Amandus, where he socializes with guests and directs the kitchen.