Giedrius Akelis


Cosy. Colourful. Full of culture and life. Romantic and engaging – if you are in search of respite or inspiration, why not let Vilnius take you on a date?

The city is celebrating its 700th anniversary in 2023, and on this occasion, Vilnius is calling you to discover the best it can offer. Rich in spirit and a trove of hidden treasures, Vilnius is a city that entices and invites you to explore it all day and all night. There’s the mysterious courtyards of the Old Town and the sculptures that inhabit them. There’s the city’s age-old architectural details, not to mention the glistening waters of two rivers that ripple through the centre of the city. And who can forget the city’s multitude of green parks and shadowed gardens. Vilnius offers much to explore during the day, while at night the city comes alive with the buzz of the downtown’s many bars. And it is here, in the small hours, that strangers become friends.

Your perfect escape plan. arrival to Vilnius. It takes only a few minutes to reach the Old Town from the airport, bus or railway station. Settle into charming apartments, the windows of which open onto the red roofs of Vilnius. Just one more hour and, ready to conquer the city, you will already be enjoying coffee in one of numerous cafés. As the big anniversary of the capital is approaching, we suggest you plan your schedule and learn about the festive discoveries offered by Vilnius. For more information on upcoming festive events:

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Travelling to Vilnius but had no time to put together a list of what to see and do? No worries. We’ve done it for you. In fact, with three itineraries based around how long you will be staying, you’ll find everything you need to make the most of your short trip.