Giedrius Akelis


Cosy. Colourful. Full of culture and life. Romantic and engaging. Vilnius is all this and much more. So if you are looking for a respite from routine or a fresh breath of inspiration, Vilnius welcomes you.

Rich in spirit and a trove of hidden treasures, Vilnius is a city that entices and invites you to explore it all day and all of the night. From the mysterious courtyards of the Old Town and the sculptures that inhabit them, to the city’s melting pot of architecture styles, and the multitude of green spaces that are scattered liberally throughout the city, Vilnius offers much to explore during the day, while at night the city comes alive with the buzz of the downtown’s many bars. And it is here, in the small hours that strangers become friends. Vilnius is not a city that you can plan for. It is a city to be experienced and a city to love.

Your perfect escape plan. First, take a flight to Vilnius or arrive by bus or even by train, then jump in a taxi. You’ll find yourself in the heart of the city in ten minutes. From there you can settle into one of the city’s many charming red-roofed apartments. After a specially brewed coffee from one of Vilnius’s many cosy cafes, you are ready to explore.

TOP 10

Travelling to Vilnius but had no time to put together a list of what to see and do? No worries. We’ve done it for you. In fact, with three itineraries based around how long you will be staying, you’ll find everything you need to make the most of your short trip.