P. Rakštikas


This is a summer city. A place where winds, boats and people cross paths. A place that smells of sea salt, and where the fragrance of pines cleanses the lungs and frees the mind. In Klaipėda, nobody rushes; in Klaipėda, the sound of music and clinking glasses fills the air, letters penned with memories are sent, and wind-burned lips are kissed. Everything is easier in Klaipėda, and there is more space for unexpected improvisations: a few steps along the charming embankment and you’re already on a boat under its sails. Where will it take you, what surprises will it show you?

Let yourself be enticed – surrender to the charm of the moment. 
The perfect getaway plan is this: you fly into Palanga Airport. An hour by car and you’re in Klaipėda. You check into a hotel with a view of the sea. You have lunch in a charming Old Town restaurant, where the owner personally recommends the freshest fish of the day. Leaving the Old Town and the jazz for tomorrow, you take the ferry to Smiltynė. After getting your fill of the air saturated with pine, listening to the breaking of the waves, and watching the sun go down, you get settled in at the yacht club on the shore of the Curonian Lagoon – nothing is more romantic than watching the ships sailing by and the tied-up yachts, floating with longing. Maybe your next trip will be something different?