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For Lithuanians, Easter is at least as important as Christmas. Learn about traditional egg decoration techniques, games, and more!
Easter is as important, if not more important for Lithuanians, as Christmas. Families gather, uniting from all corners of the country (and the world) to celebrate and feast. And, of course, central to this feasting are eggs. But before they are brought to the table, they are decorated. Here a rare artistry finds expression. Grasses are collected, onion skins dried, and all manner and hue of dye mixed. Egg decorating is a big thing, and the best examples are shared on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok - everywhere! So, if you fancy yourself as an artist, this is the perfect opportunity. And these eggs are also objects used in a number of Easter games. There’s the more common egg rolling and racing, but more specific to the Lithuanian table is the egg fighting, wherein family members bash each other's eggs together to see whose is the strongest.