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Panemunė Castle, resonating with Lithuanian history, offers a glimpse into the past. Dating back to the 16th century, it stands majestically amidst lakeside scenery, now partly a hotel for immersive experiences.

Walking through the rooms and environs of Panemunė Castle you can feel the viciissitudes of Lithuanian history. Designed as a residential castle in the 16th century, the present complex is the product of classicist-style reconstructions made in the 18th century. Today it stands, beautiful and magisterial atop a hill amidst spectacular lakeside scenery and lush forest. Visitors can wander the grounds and take a tour of some of the rooms. And for those looking to more fully experience the lush interiors and tranquil surroundings, part of the castle has been transformed into a hotel, where rooms can be booked throughout the year. Why not step back in time?