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Palanga, a resort town situated along the Baltic shores, boasts some of the country’s most attractive dunes and beaches that attract holidaymakers from all over Lithuania and the rest of Europe.
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The uniqueness of Palanga as a resort town lies in its white sandy beaches and breathtaking dunes. It’s also highly versatile – suitable both as a quiet weekend getaway and a spot for loud, exciting parties, depending on the season. During summer, people come to Palanga to enjoy music shows, vibrant nightclubs, and the sea, whereas during fall and winter, you can spend a peaceful weekend here, enjoying an entirely different, more tranquil and mysterious aspect of the now-snow-covered resort.

In Palanga, holidaymakers can find a wide range of services, including popular entertainment, wellness procedures at top-quality spa centres, exhilarating seaside amusements, excellent accommodation, and luxurious event venues. Visitors can also enjoy the Amber Museum and the expansive Palanga Botanical Garden or take a leisurely stroll down the iconic Basanavičius Street. As the sun begins its slow descent towards the horizon, the best place to go is either of the resort’s numerous restaurants and cafés where hungry guests are greeted by excellent menus and live music.

A busy resort, Palanga boasts many accommodation options for all tastes and budgets. A number of local hotels feature luxury spas and gyms, Roman-style pools filled with mineral water, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis, and saunas. Most hotels can be easily accessed via the Palange International Airport and the Port of Klaipėda.
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The climate of Palanga and its environs are favoured by people recovering from chronic physical illnesses, and those seeking to restore mental balance and relieve stress. The town’s picturesque landscape and serene natural environment are ideal for relaxation regardless of season.


The Palanga International Airport makes the resort one of the few Lithuanian towns and cities able to receive tourists from abroad directly, especially from countries such as Poland, Norway, Denmark, and much of the rest of Europe.


Palanga is unique in that it’s a popular destination both with visitors looking to party in the summer, and those on the lookout for the best place to spend a quiet weekend. Being one of the most popular resorts in Lithuania, Palanga is ready to accommodate every conceivable need.