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Druskininkai is one of the best resort towns in Lithuania, located just 120 km from Vilnius. Since the 19th century, it has been known for its treatment facilities, welcoming atmosphere, picturesque landscape, and cosy urban environment.
Druskininkai is situated in a picturesque region blessed with countless rivers, lakes, hills, and pristine forests. A great way to take in the landscape is by taking a ride in the cable car making rounds between the AQUA Park and the Snow Arena – the only winter sports complex in the Baltics open year round.

The town is home to numerous unconventional museums, such as the Grūtas Park – a vast open-air museum of artefacts dating back to the Soviet era. Another point of interest for lovers of art and history are the works of the famous Lithuanian artists M. K. Čiurlionis and V. K. Jonynas, proudly displayed at several local galleries.
In addition to the beautiful landscape, Druskininkai is also known for its rich stores of raw, all-natural healing ingredients, like mud and mineral water, that local spas use to provide relaxing wellness rituals.. Together with the calm environment, fresh air and scenic views of nature, these rituals help your body relax and recharge.

To those looking for active recreation, the town offers snowboarding, canoeing, boating, fishing, and more. Other popular options include engaging archery lessons, steamy hot saunas, and tons of fun in the water at the AQUA Park.

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Upon first discovering it, people are often surprised that something as seemingly outlandish as the Grūtas Park open-air museum even exists. The park features a vast collection of Soviet monuments, sculptures, and other artefacts once used to purvey the regime’s ideology that had a deeply repressive and corrosive effect on moral and national values. By putting it all on full display, the park’s founders hope their initiative will serve to educate and warn many future generations to come.


The visitors of Druskininkai have much to choose from when it comes to quality recreational services: from rejuvenating wellness rituals and guided tours around town to cultural events, popular entertainment, and sporting activities ideal for both working up a sweat and recharging your body.


Druskininkai – the oldest resort town in Lithuania – has deep-rooted spa traditions, which allow its visitors to enjoy advanced, top-quality wellness services. This includes a number of procedures exclusive to Druskininkai itself, thanks in no small part to its plentiful stores of such natural remedies as Baltic amber, healing mud, and mineral water.