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Birštonas is a town spread over the right bank of the Nemunas River, among the pleasant surroundings of a regional park. It is located 90 km away from the capital Vilnius, and only 40 km away from the second-biggest Lithuanian city – Kaunas.
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Birštonas is a scenic resort that welcomes guests with a serene and relaxing environment dominated by gorgeous pine forests and the picture-perfect Nemunas River, making it ideal for a relaxing break.

The modern spas, the lavish array of outdoor and cultural activities on offer, and some of the country’s best tourist spots, such as the Water Evaporation Tower “Druskupis”, the Mineral Water Pavilion “Birutės Vila“, and the wonderfully relaxing Kneipp Garden, make up the long list of Birštonas’ unique features and attractions.

The experience of staying at one of the excellent local hotels is further enhanced by the town’s natural beauty and mild climate, which make it perfect for those who prefer to unwind in a serene environment without losing access to modern amenities.
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The history of Birštonas dates back to the 14th century, when it was first mentioned in the reports of Teutonic scouts as “a farm next to some briny water”. Over the next two centuries, it became the favourite vacation spot of some of Lithuania’s top statesmen and other prominent figures. In 1529, Birštonas obtained its town privileges, and in 1966 was granted the status of a town under republican jurisdiction. The resort itself, however, was founded as early as 1846, soon after becoming known among Russians, Poles, and Lithuanians for its rejuvenating mineral water and healing mud procedures. Since then, it has developed into a major hub for tourism, culture, and recreation.


The bromine-rich mineral water found in Birštonas has been officially certified across Europe, which is a source of pride for the town. Its plentiful deep springs offer locals and visitors alike a unique opportunity to sample and enjoy quality mineral water drawn at different spots, including the pump-room of Vytautas Park. You can also purchase it bottled in local and global retail stores under the trade names Vytautas and Birute.


The resort has multiple SPAs offering visitors a wide variety of top-quality therapeutic, rejuvenating, wellness, and relaxation procedures. These include full-body massages, sauna, yoga, swimming, and countless others tailored to each visitor’s individual needs and preferences.