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Plateliai, on Lake Plateliai's west bank, captivates nature and culture enthusiasts. The sandy lake coast near Hotel Linelis is familyfriendly, featuring navigable islands. Hiking trails through surrounding forests offer encounters with local flora and fauna.
Situated on the west bank of Lake Plateliai, the largest lake in Samogitia, Plateliai is a place to cherish for nature and culture enthusiasts alike. The sandy and shallow coast of the lake, and especially the stretch located alongside hotel Linelis, is ideal for families with children. Not only that, the lake itself is scattered with tiny islands that are easily navigable by boat. And if you're more inclined to slipping on your boots and going for a hike, you’ll find trails that take you through the surrounding forests and wetlands. Here, you’ll be able to get up and close with the local flora and fauna. There’s also plenty on offer for those interested in more artistic and humanistic exploits. Nearby Plateliai Manor is home to a museum of Užgavėnės (Shrove Tuesday) masks. To explain a little, local tradition stretching back to pagan times involve the wearing of devilish masks to help chase away the winter. And here, you'll not only find 250 such masks, but also exhibits explaining the tradition itself. For those more interested in modern history, there is also a Cold War museum located near the shores of the lake.