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Why choose Lithuania?

What makes a country the perfect incentive destination? Guaranteed safety and security for your guests, an abundance of venues to choose from and the impeccable work ethic of its people.

Most countries can deliver on one but not all of these values. But when you choose Lithuania, you get the full package - a relaxing environment with venues ranging from Medieval castles to post-modern architectural wonders and suppliers that know your needs as well as you do.

Lithuania offers a great range of choices for a variety of events - covering everything from the organising of international business conferences in the many hi-tech meeting centres available to the hosting of workshops or team building weekends and other relaxing activities in unique venues. We work to make it an effortless and enjoyable experience.

Lithuania is a perfect choice for your event. We offer great food, excellent service, comfortable rooms and close proximity to local attractions, with plenty of opportunities to have fun after work. Enjoy beautiful surroundings, fresh air, high-quality services and high service standards - all at a reasonable price.