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Arrange a picnic aboard a ship

The National Historical Park of Trakai is the land of lakes with a well-developed tourism industry and other related types of entertainment. Lake Galvė charms its every visitor with its mysterious bays, peninsulas and small islands. The most beautiful attraction is certainly the Island Castle, which is the only castle located on an island in Europe. Its red bricks reflected in the water invoke the memory of the grandest period in Lithuanian history – the 14-15th centuries. You can sail a yacht, pedal boat, a boat or a kayak around the castle. The sails of yachts and the sound of rowing can be heard on the lake almost all year round.

A steam boat “Skaistis” and a sailing-boat “Baltis” travel around the lake. So choose the activity which feels best for your heart and explore charming Lake Galvė!

Go for a gastronomic trip along the beer route

If your colleagues are beer lovers, this fun and intellectual event is an ideal choice. After a merry trip to the Lithuanian region famous for beer, you will be shown the tools used for beer brewing in ancient times. You will discover many more secrets of beer production in a beautiful 17th century castle. Along with this you will be able to dance and have a delicious dinner. So far every visitor has been happy with the choice of this tour, and no doubt you will love it too!

Duration: a day-long trip.

Group size: from 10 to 40 people.

٭ You can book the services of a professional beer taster or guide – they will accompany you throughout the whole trip. You can arrive using your own transport or alternatively a travel agency will take care of transportation.

Medieval feast

Would you like to leave an unforgettable impression for your guests about the visit in Lithuania? We invite you, together with your guests for a royal dinner in the castle. During the dinner, we will introduce your guests to medieval culture, customs and traditions during the dinner, and of course - you will spend memorable evening all together.

Duration: 2 - 4 hour(s).

Group size: from 20 to 120 people.

Find out what šakotis is

Learn all about the traditional 15th-century “Šakotis”, a unique cake considered a symbol of master Lithuanian confectionery. Bake home-made bread and learn the story of its creation from the sewing of the rye to make the perfect bread recipe. You will be introduced to the traditions of drink-manufacture, including the making (and tasting!) of mead, beer and other classic drinks.

Duration: 1-2 hours.

Group size: from 10 to 30 people.

National cuisine tasting

Lithuanians cannot imagine their life without potatoes. Therefore, the highlights of Lithuanian cuisine are all types of potato pancakes and potato dumplings. The most famous ones are called „zeppelins" because they are shaped in the form of a zeppelin. Zeppelins are potatoes dumplings with minced meat or curd filling. Other traditional dishes include cold beetroot soup, herring prepared in various styles and white cheese with honey.

Duration: 1.5 hour(s).

Group size: 20 people.

Cooking class - Lithuanian cuisine secrets

It seems that Lithuanian dishes are easy to cook. Some people say we eat just potatoes :) We suggest to try to make some of our traditional meals such as „Zeppelins“, pancakes of potatoes, cold beetroot soup together with the professional chef at the well-equipped kitchen at "Cooking Academy“.

Duration: 2 hours.

Group size: maximum 15 people.

National Evening

Guests are welcome to sample a range of Lithuanian national dishes and drinks, to prepare traditional food and to learn more about classic Lithuanian cuisine. The evening includes interesting and atmospheric events such as learning folk customs and traditions as well as exploring scenes from old Lithuania. The humorous programme continues with singing, music, stories and other delights.

During Lithuanian Folk Music Band concert you might hear a unique polyphonic sutartine (round) performed on wooden horns, horns, or pan pipes. Or you might hear instrumental versions of songs or maybe even shepherd singing called “raliavimas”, which is performed with lumzdeliai (recorders) or rageliai (horns). It’s not a regular concert. It’s a unique feast of song, dance and funny games, where you are a very important part. Forget about just sitting and listening.

Duration: 1-2 hour(s).

Group size: from 10 to 100 people.

Make chocolate

Do you love chocolate? And do you know how it is made? Along with seeing the procedure of making chocolate, this event will enable you to become a chocolate master yourself – you will be able to create a small chocolate masterpiece.

Duration: up to 1.5 hours.

٭ Once you have learnt how to make chocolate, book an educational or thematic tour in the city. The agency will take care of transporting you from the site of the event and back.

Bake traditional Lithuanian rye bread

In an authentic aukštaičiai (highlanders) homestead in the scenic natural surroundings, you can have a demonstration of bread baking called “Duonelė kasdieninė” (Our daily bread).

This activity provides a chance to become familiar with the daily life of a household in the countryside, to learn more about Lithuanian traditions and customs, and a unique opportunity to make a loaf of bread yourself.

Duration: this joyful trip lasts a day.

٭ You can also add additional activities to the trip, such as a ride in a horse-drawn sledge or carriage; booking the services of a professional guide who will be with you throughout the whole trip is also available.

Evaluate the taste of the Lithuanian wine

Lithuania is famous for its fine beers and the unique trauktinė (strong herbal vodka), but not everyone is as familiar with the ecologic and tasty Lithuanian wine. The event will provide a unique chance for you to discover the traditions and history of fruit and berry winemaking, to witness how berries and fruit turn into wine (from juicing to bottling and labelling etc), and you will also be able to taste various sorts of Lithuanian wine. And this all will take place while enjoying the spectacular Lithuanian natural surroundings!

Duration: this is an interesting and productive day-long trip.

٭ You can stay in a cosy countryside homestead with a sauna and book the services of a professional wine taster or guide (they will accompany you throughout the whole trip).

Find out the secrets of beer brewing

Lithuanian beer means much more than a perfect taste. It has its own history, games and music related to its production and many other secrets. In the beer tasting programme, Lithuanian beverage experts will present different beers to you, tell you about their history and answer any questions you may have. The events are conducted by acknowledged Lithuanian beer professionals. The beer that you taste is only brewed by smaller producers whose production is not available to buy everywhere. Participants are granted diplomas and rewards, you can also get souvenirs related to the symbolism of beer.

Duration: 1.5 hour(s).