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Lithuania is ready to party with spectacular year-round festivities

Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda stage vibrant fiestas, including centenary of Dainų šventė festival

London, 20th February 2024 – Lithuania’s biggest events for 2024 are cooking up a storm with immaculately crafted immersion into the local culture, culinary kudos, and playlists dancing to the rhythm of the Midsummer and other festivals, from age-old cities to the Baltic coast. Usher into the mild temperatures with jazz and jovial folk tunes amid 17- hour long summer days with highly anticipated array of events kicking off with Kaziukas Fair.


Step into the heart of tradition at Vilnius Kaziukas Fair: a celebration so popular it lasts over 420 years. Join the festivities at the fair, where the city's streets come alive with the vibrant spirit of craft, culture, and culinary delights. Discover a colourful tapestry of handmade crafts, traditional folk music, and the enticing aroma of delectable local treats. From intricately crafted artisanal goods to the lively sounds of folk performances, this fair is a sensory journey through Lithuania's cultural treasures. Experience the warmth of community, the thrill of discovery, and the joy of celebrating centuries-old traditions. Vilnius Kaziukas Fair is not just an event – it's an invitation to savour the heart and soul of Lithuania!

For more details please see: Kaziukas (St. Casimir) Fair | Vilnius Events (


Get ready to be swept away by the Pažaislis Music Festival lasting for three months within echoing Pažaislis Monastery. The festival is a symphony of classical elegance and contemporary allure performed by world-class musicians. Added appeal is the serenity of nature and the timeless architecture oozing centuries of history. Pažaislis Music Festival is not just an event – it's an immersive time-capsule into the heart of Lithuania's musical legacy.

For more details please see: Pažaislio muzikos festivalis - XXVIII (


Vilnius is painting the town pink for the second edition of the Vilnius Pink Soup Fest. The traditional summer dish, šaltibarščiai (cold beet soup), takes center stage, ushering in the summer season with a burst of colour that spills into the streets, bars, shops, and art galleries of Vilnius. The city is awash in shades of pink, and the irresistible aroma of šaltibarščiai beckons from afar. Indulge not only in the traditional soup but also in the vibrant pink coffee or desserts infused with the essence of šaltibarščiai. Immerse yourself in the pink-themed exhibitions or partake in the lively pink festivities.

For more details, please see: Pink Soup Fest | Vilnius Events (


Immerse yourself in the rhythmic celebration of Dainų šventė. The 100th birthday will unite thousands of voices in a chorus that transcends time, intertwining past and future through music and dance. Join the historic event, feel the unity in traditional choir songs, and witness synchronized folk dances.

For more details, please see: Lithuanian Song Celebration (


As the sun dips below the horizon, Lithuania comes alive with the magical glow of Joninės, Saint John's Eve. Join the festivities where bonfires dance against the twilight sky, casting a warm embrace over the longest day of the year. Revel in the ancient traditions of love and magic as Lithuanians gather to leap over the crackling flames, leaving behind the old and embracing the new. Joninės is a luminous ode to the solstice, a kaleidoscope of music, dance, and mystique that sets the summer night ablaze.

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Dive into the world of intellect and imagination at Lithuania's prestigious International Thomas Mann Festival in the country’s most scenic corners, Nida.  Celebrating the legacy of the Nobel laureate, this literary extravaganza is a symphony of ideas, where renowned authors, thinkers, and avid readers converge to explore the realms of literature. Set against the backdrop of Lithuania's cultural tapestry, the festival bridges worlds, transcending borders with the universal language of storytelling.

For more details, please see: Thomas Mann Festival - Thomo Manno kultūros centras | Thomo Manno kultūros centras


In the same coastal neighbourhood, set sail on an unforgettable nautical adventure at the Klaipėda Sea Festival! Get ready for a tidal wave of excitement as the city's shores come alive with maritime magic. From dazzling ship parades and thrilling water shows to mouthwatering seafood delights, this festival is a celebration of all things sea inspired. Join the coastal carnival of joy, flavour, and endless maritime wonders.

For more details, please see: Sea Festival • Klaipėdos turizmo informacijos centras (


Celebrate autumnal delights dancing in the streets, savor global flavors, and soak up the vibrant energy at Vilnius City Fiesta! This annual extravaganza transforms the city into a kaleidoscope of music, art, and community spirit. From lively street performances to mouthwatering culinary delights, join us in the heart of Vilnius for a fiesta that captures the essence of diversity, creativity, and pure, unbridled joy.

For more details please see: About Vilnius City Fiesta | Vilniaus festivaliai (


The festival boasts a devoted fan base while continuously captivating new audiences each October. With intriguing encounters, surprise comebacks, and awe-inspiring performances from jazz legends, this event expands the boundaries of music, inviting everyone to dive into the diverse world of jazz. Musicians from Lithuania and around the globe unveil their unique interpretations, offering a journey through the evolution of this genre. Join us as Vilnius Jazz Festival harmonizes tradition and innovation in a celebration of jazz's rich tapestry.

For more details, please see: Program - Vilnius Jazz Festival


Indulge your taste buds in a culinary adventure during Lithuanian Gastronomy Week—an annual feast for gourmands, food enthusiasts, and flavour adventurers! Across various Lithuanian cities, top-notch restaurants open their doors to those seeking the pinnacle of food culture. Immerse yourself in gastronomic trends and the mastery of renowned chefs, as special menus, tastings, and gourmet tours beckon culinary enthusiasts. Join us for a week of unexpected flavors, gastronomic delights, and the artistry of the finest chefs, as we redefine the essence of indulgence.

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