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Travel and win with #LithuaniaCoCreate

Do you love traveling, seeking adventures and sharing your stories? Then this invitation to play #LithuaniaCoCreate to win is just for you!

Invite others to come to Lithuania

You know for sure that the best stories come from our own experience. So, in this case if:

  • you are Lithuanian or have Lithuanian origin but currently live abroad
  • you are not Lithuanian, but you love Lithuania
  • you wish as many people as possible to get acquainted with our country, join our team and invite relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances to come to Lithuania!

What will you have to do?

Upload a photo with Lithuanian nature, architecture, entertainment or other images that have impressed you to social networks like Facebook or Instagram and challenge anyone who has never been to our country to visit it. Be sure to write the name of the game #LithuaniaCoCreate next to the photo. This way you will not only join our team but also compete for the grand prize - a trip in Lithuania.

You found a friend's challenge

Did you come across a challenge to come to Lithuania on Facebook or Instagram and saw the hashtag #LithuaniaCoCreate? Did the photos and spirit catch your attention? Do not hesitate to accept this challenge and explore the undiscovered country or area that you have not visited yet.

What will you have to do?

When you arrive to Lithuania, take photos of nature, architecture, entertainment, your mood and share them on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to write the name of the game #LithuaniaCoCreate with the photo and @tag the person whose challenge you accepted. It means that you have not only visited Lithuania and were impressed by this country but also competed for the grand prize: a trip to Lithuania!

Urge others and hurry up because the travel time has already started! You can participate in the game until 26 September 2024. We will announce the winners - those who challenged and those who accepted the challenge - on 27 September 2024, on the World Tourism Day.

The Grand Prize for those who invite to come is a one-year tourist trip package for two people in Lithuania.

The Grand Prize for first-time visitors is a one-year travel package for two people to Lithuania.

Other prizes include various tourism services throughout Lithuania.

Let's travel and invite others to travel with #LithuaniaCoCreate!

The competition is organised by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation.

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