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Holiday Stress? Royal Bath and Sleeping on Cloud is the Solution, Says Lithuania

Much like every year, the upcoming holiday season is bound to cause a fair amount of stress. As such, Lithuania is extending an invitation to try the country’s relaxing spa rituals to unwind right after the winter festivities.

As Christmas quickly approaches, many are feeling the pressure of purchasing gifts, planning dinners, and meeting end-of-year work deadlines, leaving people feeling stretched thin. That is why Lithuania has launched the X-mas-stress? Let it out in Lithuania! campaign, which encourages people to let fatigue melt away by taking a spa-cation in the country.

Lithuanian wellness culture is abundant in resources of natural, medicinal ingredients such as amber or mineral water and historically-practiced spa rituals. Below is a list of five top rejuvenating procedures that will help you get away from worries, relax and recharge your batteries.

Milk bath fit for royalty. Druskininkai is a mineral spring resort filled with innovative wellness centers and spas, surrounded by extensive green forests that keep the air fresh all year round. Here, SPA Vilnius Druskininkai — taking a page from Cleopatra’s extensive repertoire of beauty procedures — offers a deeply nourishing goat’s milk and forest berry bath. Rich in various vitamins, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and zinc, the skin is left feeling incredibly hydrated and nourished after taking a bath, which also encourages cell regeneration.

Drift away to deep sleep on a cloud. Cloud 9 is a cloud-shaped machine created to simulate the feeling of sleeping in a mother’s womb and create a sense of unmatched serenity. It can be located at the opulent, freshly inaugurated Esperanza Resort and Spa close to the medieval town of Trakai. Sha, a Vienna-based artist who blends philosophy and holistic health teachings, created the device. Lying in the cot, you are exposed to many different elements: temperature, light, frequency, sound and movement, creating the ideal conditions to slip into a deeply relaxing state. According to the creators of this device, just 20 minutes on Cloud 9 is equivalent to a couple of hours of deep sleep.

Float weightlessly on mineral-rich water. FLOW therapy, a treatment offered only by Vytautas Mineral SPA in Birštonas — a quaint Lithuanian resort town brimming with mineral water sources — attempts to reestablish inner harmony, health, attractiveness, and youth. Due to the quality and purity of the water utilized for the treatment, these significant benefits may be achieved. The water contains over 70 different minerals — allowing one to float weightlessly on its surface — all of which are absorbed on a cellular level. In 20 minutes of blissful floating, the body's skin, muscles, and joints absorb trace elements that cannot be consumed in any other way, allowing one to completely relax and enjoy life.

Buckwheat — from dinner tables to wellness  centers. In Spa Vilnius Druskininkai, there is another deeply relaxing and rejuvenating procedure that uses everyday materials to great effect. Using buckwheat — a staple grain in many Lithuanian pantries — for a feet massage, multiple pressure points, related to the efficient functioning of different organs, are activated. Combined with a shoulder massage using a buckwheat compress, a hand massage with buckwheat gloves and foot massage with buckwheat shoes, the procedure improves sleep quality, encourages blood flow, and reduces tension.

The nourishing power of Lithuanian berries. Cranberries — in addition to being a superfood and a true vitamin bomb —  are known to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that pamper the skin. In the cocktail of bright colorsand Art Deco influences of the adult-only EGO SPA, also located amidst the groves of Birštonas, one can enjoy all of the benefits of these bright red berries. The Pamiršk (Forget) and Atitrūk (Get Away) procedures, a cranberry body scrub and wrap, respectively, will tingle the senses  leading to a sensation of a supple, refreshed skin.

Procedures using Lithuanian gold. Amber is often called Lithuanian gold due to its deep, symbolic meaning in the country’s culture. While it has been used in medicinal practice for centuries, amber is nowadays proven to contain between 3% and 8% succinic acid, which stimulates metabolism, relieves stress and provides energy. Over three tonnes of it was used in the creation of the world’s first amber sauna in the Natura Termo Spa, near the seaside city of Kretinga. Using heated beds and infrared rays, the body warms up and releases any pent-up tension, while the heated amber begins to release particles of the beneficial acid into the air. As the pleasant smells of resin, the body starts to absorb the beneficial properties of amber through the skin, leaving the visitor feeling rested.