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Knock knock, Lithuania

It’s always interesting to find a new door to knock on. Or an old, forgotten one, which brings back so many memories. You knock, and we swing the door open for you. We want to tell you about the people who used to live here. And those who still do. About their discoveries, their sense and taste of Lithuania. About their connection to the majestic Lithuanian history, to the magical thrill of Vilnius and its mysterious Baroque longing. About their hot nights in the Old Town’s courtyards and their long walks through the streets of Kaunas, the undertones of modern architecture they admire, the feelings they get in exuberant music festivals and galleries booming with creativity, their discoveries in small coffee shops and cosy restaurants. Nothing is half-hearted in Lithuania, so let’s travel to a country full of culture. Our true Lithuania.


私たちは小国です ― 誰もそれを違うとは言わないでしょう。しかしリトアニアには数多くの訪れるべき美しい場所があり、見せるべき事がたくさんあります!まず初めに、それは私たちの歓迎の心です。それから、歴史を重ねてきた私たちの街。船が集まる、海に通じる道。風が吹き付ける、天然の、そして純粋で美しいクルシュー砂州。釣り船とカイトボードで美しく飾られた海岸。気分をリフレッシュさせる鉱泉と香り高い空気に満たされた松の森。私たちは、この地球の小さな緑の一区画にたくさんのものを持っています。そしてあなたは、絶対にその全てを見るべきです。







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A map of 20 most unusual ice-cream flavours for sunny September

Bacon, beetroot and seaweed are just a few of the unusual ice-cream flavours offered by Lithuanian chefs. Continuing its tradition of the GASTRO travel guide across Lithuania, the national tourism promotion enterprise Lithuania Travel presents an interactive map of the locations where you can taste the most unusual flavours of ice-cream, a dessert much loved by Lithuanians.

Inbound tourism growth to Lithuania in H1 2019 highest in 5 years

A total of 831,000 foreign arrivals – a spike of 9.25% – was recorded in H1 2019, the highest in the past five years. The number of domestic and foreign tourists who travelled in Lithuania with at least one overnight totalled 1,750,000 or 11.30% more than in the same period in 2018.

New Baltic cuisine takes shape in Lithuania

Seasonal, hip and boldly weird is a fitting definition for the Baltic cuisine re-imagined by Lithuania’s best chefs.

Walking around downtown Vilnius, you’ll find the kind of cuisines that are common to all big cities – from Ukrainian dumplings to Jewish bagels (born in Vilnius, by the way), from Sichuan stews to Peruvian pastries.