A. Bazyk


We treat Lithuanian Amber as our gold. Amber has been around on this earth for millions and millions of years and protects our history. Today, it is impossible to imagine what the world looked like 50 million years ago. It is known that Europe, including Lithuania, was covered in forest. Drops of resin that fell from trees did not dissolve in water and were carried by rivers to the sea. It was a long journey, so various objects became trapped in the resin on the way, including insects, spines of plants, grass and soil of different colours. After remaining for thousands of years at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, these pieces of resin have turned into amber, which is referred to as the gold of Lithuania. Baltic tribes used amber as early as 2000-1800 BC to craft jewellery and weaving tools, treat diseases and protect people against evil spirits. Amber incense was used to protect children against misfortune, as well as newlyweds and husbands going to a war.

Today, we still count on the unique properties of amber, using it to craft jewellery, as well as in the form of amber powder, oil and incense in spas. Stormy seas still throw up pieces of amber, and finding some is a real joy. Just try it yourself and you’ll understand…